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Santa Ana is Orange County’s only city to permit wide range of cannabis businesses

Published On: 06-07-2018 in Category: drug abuse

Santa Ana is Orange County’s only city to permit wide range of cannabis businesses

Entrepreneurs across Santa Ana can now experiment with the cannabis plant and sell various pot products in retail, making the city the first in Orange County to allow a wide range of weed-related businesses. With new rules being implemented from end of May 2018, entrepreneurs can now grow, manufacture and distribute marijuana products in the city’s industrial zones. Notably, the sale of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes is already legal in Santa Ana.

So far, Santa Ana is the only city in the county to permit retail sales of the drug. In April 2018, Costa Mesa became the first city to permit distribution, production, and testing of recreational weed. Besides, the city of La Habra in the northwestern corner of Orange County recently authorized distribution warehouse facilities. However, the other cities across the county have decided to adhere to the stringent ban on commercial activities.

“We view it as an economic development tool, in fact, we’re plan to capture the artisans that are going to come in, the scientists that are going come in, the high-paying jobs,” said Santa Ana city spokesperson Jorge Garcia. He also mentioned that the number of cannabis businesses in the city is set to grow over time, eventually leading to profits of around $12.5-$14.5 million a year.

However, authorities have mandated businesses to ensure sufficient security to curb possible crime, in addition to compliance with state requirements of using special air filtration to minimize smell at grow houses. Officials plan to invite applications for the new venture from early June 2018.

Marijuana is an addictive drug

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the U.S., with soaring rates of addiction in the past few years. This can reach monumental proportions in the event of complete legalization nationwide. Research shows that use of marijuana over a period can impair several body and brain functions in a considerable way. Besides, it is also known to impact one’s social life as well as career, making it impossible for those deep in addiction to break away from the grip of the drug. The surge in the rate of pot addiction across the country can be attributed to the increasing ease of availability, perceived absence of harm, and the wide social acceptance of the drug.

Despite the growing popularity of marijuana across the country, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has neither recognized nor approved its therapeutic benefits. It continues to be classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) due to high potential for abuse.

Battling menace of addiction

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