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Marijuana worth $1.2 million seized in Orange County

Published On: 12-12-2016 in Category: Drug bust, Drug trafficking, Marijuana


With the war against drugs blocking-off land routes across Latin America and the U.S. border, smugglers are increasingly counting on maritime drug trafficking. Recently, in a major drug bust at the Californian coast, the U.S. Border Patrol seized 82 bundles of marijuana worth $1.2 million on San Clemente’s Calafia State Park Beach.

California State Park rangers discovered an abandoned boat on the beach and informed the U.S. Border Patrol agents about the 25-foot-long Bayliner washed ashore. On reaching the spot and hauling the vessel, agents found several large bags containing marijuana weighing about 2,400 pounds wrapped in a cellophane cover.

According to the border patrol officers, the smuggled bundles of marijuana were stashed in black plastic bags and hidden beneath the bow and on the deck throughout the boat. However, the Border Patrol agents were unclear about the reasons which made the drug traffickers abandon the boat.

Fighting transnational organized crime on the high seas

With the tightening of security at the U.S. border, an increasing number of drug traffickers are now looking at large vessels to ferry loads of illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. A huge chunk of narcotics is now being smuggled through the Central American-Mexican corridor, along the Pacific coast, which is the most preferred route for shipping drugs into the country due to the absence of proper security at the stretch. Moreover, a sizable shipment also enters the United States through the sea routes through the Caribbean, to the eastern coastline.

Opting for pleasure craft, instead of the stereotypical ferry, seems to be the latest modus operandi of smugglers. Nowadays, even open-hulled boats known as “pangas” are increasingly being used for contraband activities. Boats laden with hidden consignments typically start sailing from the Mexican border state of Baja California, speeding up the coast at night and dropping off their cargo, which is either narcotics or illegal immigrants, on deserted shores during wee hours, hundreds of miles up California’s coast.

Owing to its proximity to the Mexican borders, and it being the hub of different cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic classes, the State of California is highly vulnerable to the dangers of substance abuse and addiction. Moreover, an easy-to-access drug such as marijuana holds the potential to cause abusers to experiment with other types of deadly drugs. If abused, it can lead people toward complete dependence on marijuana, mental-health illnesses and other harmful consequences.

Kick the menace of addiction

The American drug market is considered one of the most profitable ones in the world, hence, criminal groups are now attempting to expand their network in the country. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) due to the absence of any recognized medicinal value and the heightened risk of abuse.

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