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Patrol officers to check for DUI in Orange County

Published On: 12-19-2016 in Category: Alcohol, Drugs, Drunk Driving, DUI, DUI check


This holiday season, as part of a special year-end drive, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) has warned the residents to either drive sober or be prepared to get pulled over for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Starting Dec. 16, the campaign, known as Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, will work toward stepping up the measures aimed at zero tolerance toward any kind of impaired driving in Orange County. “We want to keep our roads safe for holiday travelers,” said Sergeant Ray Wert, a veteran of the OCSD.

As part of the campaign, the police departments including OCSD and the California Highway Patrol will make a collaborative effort to set up driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoints and deploy DUI saturation patrols at designated areas throughout the county. The drivers are also being encouraged to download the Designated Driver VIP (DDVIP) mobile app for Android or iPhone. The app comes handy in searching for nearby bars and eateries featuring additional incentives for the designated sober driver including a separate tab to call Uber, Lyft or Curb, if required.

“Driving under the influence is not only costly but can ruin the holidays for you, your family or someone else’s family,” said the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS).

DUI cases are on the rise in the United States

As per the 2016 data shared by the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 32,675 Americans succumbed to motor vehicle crashes in 2014 alone, of which 9,967 people were killed due to an impaired driver. Most individuals driving under the influence of various illegal substances, such as alcohol, prescription medications, marijuana and other illicit drugs, suffer from impaired judgment abilities and can attract a DUI arrest.

Even the state of California witnessed nearly 3,126 deaths due to traffic fatalities, of which 1,155 deaths were caused by drunk or drugged drivers, during the corresponding year. However, the U.S. Administration is leaving no stone unturned in curbing the menace of alcohol on the roads by imposing stringent DUI laws across the nation. On being proven guilty of a DUI charge, the driver may face a jail term, fines, revocation of driver’s license, towing fees and other DUI expenses, amounting to approximately $10,000. However, a significant percentage of motorists who get prosecuted for DUI do not hesitate to repeat their offense.

Battling the menace of addiction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more people die in car crashes each year in the United States than in other high-income countries. Of these, nearly 30 people die every day in a road accident that involve an alcohol-impaired driver.

Continuous use of alcohol can lead to an array of alcohol-related disorders, which can even cause serious health issues. If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction, get in touch with the Orange County Drug Treatment and Rehab Center. You may call us at our 24/7 helpline number 714-202-4669 or chat online for more information.

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